Berta Breakfast “Crisis Intervention” Program

Korah Family Sponsorship

The first of its kind in Korah, this ‘Crisis Intervention’ Program serves a specialized breakfast cereal called Berta which is de-signed specifically for mal-nourished children. For many it is their larg-est meal of the day. Most families in Korah only eat 1-2 times per day and the quality of food is extremely poor, often scavenged from the city garbage dump.


As a result, the boys and girls living in Korah are underweight and their families malnourished. It is common for these children to have poor participation (some actually fainting) in school because they have not eaten. Providing Berta, pro-vides hope and a future; one cannot concentrate in school on an empty stomach.



Family Sponsorship

Korah Family Sponsorship

Together, through monthly sponsorship we are able to take action towards breaking the cycle of extreme poverty for families living in Korah. Sponsorship pro-vides an opportunity for families to move out of this critical state through better living conditions, food, healthcare, education, community meetings, bible study and relationship. The goal is for families to be-come involved with income generation & community development projects which promote self-empowerment, giving back to their community and leading to healthy, stable and self-sustainable families. Jeremiah 29:11
Keeping families healthy and keeping families together!



Korah Family SponsorshipThe Elders’ Home for Lepers

Together with Kore Great Hope Charities, in April 2012 we opened the ‘Elders’ Home’
for Elderly Lepers, providing a safe, loving home for those who have been forgotten
& rejected because of their disease.

Brother • Sister • Friend Program

Korah Family Sponsorship

Globally connecting hundreds of boys and girls of all ages to a friend their own age, the Borther - Sister - Friend program helps children living in Korah learn to understand their needs, fosters borderless friendships, and develops strong relationships through letters and photos. This outreach program not only connects young communuty members to beyonf their community in Korah, it gives participants the opportunty to experience the lives of these children through personal discovery.


“I AM NOT FORGOTTEN - someone knows my name!”


WORLD LEPROSY DAY IS SUNDAY, JANUARY 25th! We are praying for 16 additional sponsors who would give $60 per month to support the Elderly Lepers in Korah. This commitment would fully fund the Elders’ Home for 2015 and bring dignity, love and hope to these who have been ostracised, persecuted and forgotten for so long. Could you please help to make this happen?
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