Berta Breakfast Program
About the Berta ‘CRISIS Intervention’ Breakfast Program

The Berta ‘Crisis Intervention’ Breakfast Program serves breakfast to malnourished children, five days a week and for many it is their largest meal of the day. Most families in Korah only eat seven times per week and the quality of food is extremely poor, often scavenged from the city garbage dump. Most boys and girls living in Korah are underweight and their families malnourished.  It is common for these children to have poor participation in school because they have not eaten, with some children actually fainting.
The Berta ‘Crisis Intervention’ program was launched in May 2011, and now feeds over 60 children. It is the first program of its kind in Korah and serves breakfast each morning at the Great Hope Charities (GHC) Children’s shelter. A nutritionist provided by the Berta Supplier has educated GHC staff in the best preparation methods of this product
The Need

Our desire is to offer this program to many others who are in desperate need of intervention. As more sponsors commit to the Berta program, additional children from the Korah community will have access to nutritious food. This will have an immediate impact on their own lives while bringing hope to their families and their community. Healthy children are the future of their community.

"The breakfast program is a wonderful intervention that is badly needed.  It really gives these children a future.  Because education is the way out (of poverty) for most and you can't do that with an empty stomach. Keep it up.”

Tibebu Bikele, HOPE International Development Agency, Ethiopia Director
What is Berta?

Berta is a nutritious wheat based product, enriched with vitamins and minerals, made specifically for malnourished children. Ingredients include: cereals, legumes, soybeans, skimmed milk powder, sugar, salt, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc selenium and iodine. It is manufactured by: SABS Health Care Food Manufacturers PLC, Addis Ababa, which allows us to support local business and health care initiatives.
What is the Cost of Berta?

Due to the recent famine in the Horn of Africa food prices in Ethiopia are on the rise. The cost of a 100 Kilogram bag of Berta is $220. This is a sharp increase from the $150 that we paid only 9 months ago. The average cost of feeding 60 children Berta for one month is $400. That’s less than $7 to feed a child for an entire month! Additional direct costs associated with the program include sugar, bread, tea, firewood, Berta storage containers, cooking and feeding utensils and bowls. There is no minimum monthly donation amount. Please consider a monthly commitment to Berta that will dramatically change the course of a child’s health and future.
A Hope for Korah and Great Hope Charities Partnership

Hope for Korah has been established to take action towards breaking the cycle of urban poverty for families living in Korah. We do so through partnership with Great Hope Charities because we believe that these Ethiopian leaders in Korah know their community best. Their vision and passion is demonstrated daily as they actively reach out and touch the lives of others. Together, we are committed to serving and empowering the people of this community with the love and compassion of Christ, bringing much needed “Hope for Korah”.
Together, we can make a difference...

Working together for Hope

loosening the chains of extreme poverty in korah, Ethiopia and bringing hope to those who live there. Isaiah 58:6-7
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Hope for Korah Berta Crisis Intervention Breakfast Program
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